PRIM Orlík II - C

PRIM Orlík II - C
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ORLIK – this name is a symbol of the legendary wristwatch model for each and every wristwatch fan and is basically indestructible. The Czechoslovak army also convinced themselves of this fact, the model having originally been manufactured for them in NP ELTON in Nove Mesto nad Metuji. They subjected it to truly extreme tests – dropping it from a height of several metres, boiling it and freezing it in a block of ice.

In 2011, ELTON hodinářská decided to build on this tradition and manufacture a wristwatch inspired by this legendary model. Thanks to the quality of manufacturing, this wristwatch is characterised by its exceptional durability.

In order to test its quality in practice, we decided to perform an unusually long test. Because the Orlik was also originally used by army scuba divers, we lent this wristwatch in 2014 to the professional scuba diver Jaroslav Kočárek from Snakesub. He is testing it literally in the flesh whilst diving in various environments in order to check its durability and water resistance under real conditions.

The Orlik has so far passed this demanding test without any problems. The wristwatch has survived dives in the Red Sea known for its high salinity and in the Austrian Attersee where it went down to a maximum depth of almost 70 metres.

No other wristwatch attracts the attention of collectors like the PRIM ORLIK. This model was designed and manufactured in the 60s subject to order for Czechoslovak army. We decided to return to production of his model in 2010. We preserved the design dating back to the end of the 60s but the functioning and running of the movement meet the standards of the 21st century. The ORLIK wristwatch is part of a modern collection, but its roots reach back into history.

Registration number: 98-185-446-00-1
Model type: Orlik

PRIM kalibr 98.01

Case diameter without watch crown: 42 mm
Case length across watch legs: 54.3 mm
Watch leg´s distance: 22 mm
Case material: stainless steel 316L
Surface finish: grounded
Watch crown: stainless steel 316L, stainless steel 316L, screw crown
Glass: sapphire convex
Dial: black, embossed signs, luminescent indexes
Back case: view-through, threaded
Strap: caoutchouc strap
Water resistance: 10 ATM

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