PRIM Diplomat 40 C

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From the beginning, the factory manufactured wristwatches in a uniform quality. Over time however, demand emerged for wristwatches of a higher quality which the plant was at that time already able to offer. Development was thus commenced in 1965 of a model which was supposed to become a representative product showcasing the Czechoslovak watchmaking industry. Work in this new wristwatch went very quickly and the first designs already showed that the task would be successfully performed. It was even decided that this model would be presented among the Czechoslovak exhibits at the World Fair in 1967.

The original working name of the wristwatch was “PRIM Repre” although this left people unimpressed so it was necessary to think up a new name. For this reason, the management of the factory in Nove Mesto nad Metuji decided to take an approach which was certainly innovative for its time. A public competition was announced on Czechoslovak Television to find a new name. The name PRIM DIPLOMAT was then chosen from all of the entries submitted, a name under which manufacturing of the wristwatch was commenced in 1966.

Carry on a tradition which has already lasted for more than 50 years. The PRIM DIPLOMAT is based on the design of the legendary model from the 60s. The current model has a larger case in line with the current trends and also meets the requirements of today’s demanding customers – the wristwatch is water resistant, has sapphire glass and is complemented by a crocodile skin strap.

Registration number: 98-034-395-00-1
Model type: Diplomat

PRIM kalibr 98.00

Case diameter without watch crown: 39.7 mm
Case length across watch legs: 49.1 mm
Watch leg´s distance: 20 mm
Case material: stainless steel 316L
Surface finish: polished
Watch crown: stainless steel 316L
Glass: sapphire cylindrical
Dial: black, embossed signs
Back case: view-through, fixed by screws
Strap: crocodille leather strap
Water resistance: 5 ATM

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